Thursday, November 5, 2015

What's the dream?

My new book, 8 (Really Creative) Ways to Save is about two things: 1. It's about saving money in unusual ways and having a little fun while doing so and 2. It's about dreams.

You see, everyone has a dream.  And, most everyones' dreams require money to achieve.  So that is the first thing I cover in my book: focusing on your dream.  If you can start to think about what your dream might look like, feel like, smell like and sound like when you achieve it, you are going to be easily motivated to work hard to get you to that place.

Today's post is going to challenge you to think.  What is your dream?  Now, don't start putting qualifiers on it like, "Well, I want this certain type of car, but it's too expensive," or "I want to eat healthy foods, but we don't live in an area where a lot of healthy food is available."  No, simply think about your dream, as if you can instantly achieve it.

Once you have your dream, I ask you to take 5 minutes at some point today and think about it.  Imagine yourself living your dream.  Describe your surroundings.  Who is living it with you?  How does living your dream make you feel inside?

If you actually complete this exercise, you will feel amazing after 5 minutes of thinking about your dream.  That's because it is already a part of you.  You just need a way to bring the mental picture to reality.

And this is where the 8 creative ways to save will help you start to work toward paying for your dream.  In cash.  And probably a lot faster than you imagined because you will be motivated as you see the numbers in your savings account grow.

So, spend some time dreaming today.  After all, dreaming is free!  And if you don't mind sharing, I would love to hear about your dream in the comments below or on my Facebook page.


Ps. One of my current dreams is to get my new book into the hands of every person who wants to increase his or her savings!  In order to do that, I reduced the price of the eBook to just $3.99!  If you would rather have a paperback copy, you can get it for $9.99.  I hope you'll consider making this small investment in yourself.  Get 8 (Really Creative) Ways to Save in either format here.

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