Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How the Journey of Saving has Changed My Life

When I began to pen the book, 8 (Really Creative) Ways to Save in January, I was really just doing it to challenge myself to save more money.  I wanted more creative ways to do it.  Practically all savers will give the advice to shop at the dollar store (which I do) and use coupons (which I do on occasion), but I wanted to come up with some unique ways to save that would work for me and my family.

At the time, I still had a few thousand dollars left to pay on my student loan and I still owed a lot on my car loan.

As I wrote the chapters in the book, 8 creative ways of saving emerged:

1. Grocery shopping savings- It's about more than using coupons because, let's face it, not all of us are extreme about our coupons, or even excited to use them at all

2. Habit building and savings- For those of us who want to develop positive habits while growing our money

3. Piggy bank party- A savings tip and celebration the whole family will enjoy and remember

4. Percentage savings plan- It's amazing to discover the power of 1%.  This tip will help you save more money than you can imagine

5. Christmas in June- December 25th won't catch me by surprise anymore.  I have a plan and as a result, I have holiday shopping money

6. Buy it used- Buying used doesn't have to be scary if you know where to shop; also, it's important to recognize that some items just aren't worth it used and you should buy them new

7. The $5 ban- For all the visual people out there, this one will "catch your eye" and grow your savings like a wildfire

8. Pantry raid 'n' save- Did you know dinner can be both entertaining and save you money?  It's true

These are the tips I cover in the book.  I love each of them because they are creative and they work.

What I didn't realize at the beginning of this writing process is that using these tips would change my life.

I became inspired to use some of my savings to pay off my student loan.  I did!

My husband made a huge personal sacrifice which allowed us to pay off my car loan, 4 years early!

I am not the same person that I was in January, and as a result of the savings tips above, my family is living debt-free besides our home.

If you don't think there is any way you can learn to save, I challenge you to read the book (get it here).  If you're not inspired, you can return it for a full refund.  But maybe, just maybe, you will experience a transformation like mine.

What if saving money could change your life?

(Holding the book that changed my life for the better.  To get your own copy, click here.)

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