Tuesday, January 31, 2017

8 Weeks of Saving More! Halfway Point (Week 5)

As I was getting ready to start writing this post, I was going to write "week 4" in the title, and then realized that we're actually already to week 5!  This challenge is flying!

Today is just what it says: the halfway point of our savings challenge.   Today will be all about measuring your progress by answering some questions (honestly, please!) about your savings habits since you've started the challenge.

Remind yourself of the goals you set at the beginning of this challenge (see week 1).   These were mine: 1. Save for the trips I'll be taking with my sister and 2. Save for LASIK eye procedure.

Here's an update on both of those:

  1. I haven't done much in regard to the sister trips yet besides save my change from using cash and purchase some coin wrappers.  Last week, I got inspired so I culled all the change I've been saving and wrapped about $30 in coins.  Honestly, it didn't take me long to save that much.  And even though it's a small amount, if I did that three more times this year, I could easily have $120 from just my change alone.  That's a great starting point for some spending money that takes little effort on my part.  I just have to wrap the coins and exchange them for bills at the bank.  Easy peasy!
  2. My goal to save for LASIK is a little more exciting.  I've been wearing my glasses all weekend because I have an appointment tomorrow morning to have my consultation and tests to see if I'm eligible for the procedure!  This is a BIG step for me!  If I learn I'm eligible, I will then get an estimate of what it will cost for me, and within a certain budget, I will hopefully be writing a check for the total!  Now, I did not save thousands of dollars during the last five weeks of this challenge.  I've been saving automatically for a while now.  But once I do pay cash for the procedure, I'll use the savings techniques I've written about to build up my savings account again so I can fund the next dream.  I have used my savings account over and over for the past ten years, and it is truly one of the biggest blessings to be able to dip into when I have a dream to fund.

Honestly, that's why I'm so passionate about having savings.  Savings gives you options for your life. Savings allows you to do things you could not do otherwise.  Savings allows you to fund your wildest, most far-fetched dreams.

Now, let's talk about you!  I want you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are your two goals that you originally decided on?  Do you still feel like these are the most important goals you want to pursue with your savings right now?  Because, let's be honest. Sometimes, priorities change.  And if they do, that's ok!  It's just evidence that you're evolving as a person and figuring out what you really want out of life.  It's ok to change your mind. Permission granted!
  • How are you doing with the savings challenge?  Have you been saving during the month of January?  Did any expenses come up that surprised you?  (If so, you have to read this post!)
  • What can you do better in the last four weeks of the challenge?  Get creative with this.  I'm a visually motivated person.  Therefore, it helps me to track things using charts, graphs, and stickers!  When I see a page filled with stickers that represent me reaching my goals, it just makes me happy.  Find your happy, and then find a way to incorporate it into this challenge.
Week 5, Task 1: Take some time to honestly answer the questions above.  
Week 5, Task 2: I really want to hear from you this week!  In the comments below, tell me what your goals are and how you are doing with saving money so far in 2017.  Also, I'd love to hear any creative ideas you have for completing this challenge.  

Remember, you've still got a month left to save some serious money during this challenge.  What can you do TODAY?  You've got this!

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